6 Features Buyers Are Looking For

Maximising the value of a property when selling is about understanding, meeting and exceeding the demands set by the market.

While these expectations may change over time, there are property features which buyers are attracted to that don’t go out of fashion. It’s also important to understand that Brisbane has it’s own set of property features which buyers are attracted to, mostly revolving around lifestyle and climate. 

Here are six of what we see as the most important features your property must have in order to attract potential buyers.

Outdoor Living

Australians, and particularly Queenslanders love the outdoors. While much of Brisbane’s recent development has centred on apartment living, very few are built without some kind of outdoor space.

Whether it’s a small section of concreted balcony, a patch of grass outside a villa, or a backyard that’s the size of a cricket field – Outdoor Living in Brisbane is a selling point you don’t want to be without.

Room to Grow

A home that offers a chance to build, extend or develop is attractive because it allows the property to be modified to suit the buyer’s changing needs. Buying and Selling property is an expensive business, and despite the recent trends of high returns on short term property investments that have been seen around the country, most people hope to stay in their property for a reasonable amount of time.

Period homes are a perfect example this trend.  These properties built long before open plan living came into vogue, so many buyers will snap up an old worker’s cottage and add a modern addition at the rear.


Properties that are within a short walking distance of public transport, shops, schools, cafes and restaurants tend to outperform similar properties without amenities close by. No matter the target market, buyers are attracted to properties that don’t feel like a ghost town.

If your property is surrounded by close-by cafes, shops or transport options, make sure they are promoted within your property marketing package.

Peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet matters, even in the city and inner suburbs. Despite what you might hear from down-sizers or young couples who want to live ‘where the action is’, nobody wants to live in a noisy neighbourhood.

What these buyers are referring to, is being close to the lifestyle attractions of the inner city and surrounding suburbs. A property that is ‘close to the action’, but without the noise, will always be in demand from a wide selection of buyer demographics.

Car Space on Title

It isn’t always possible to buy a property with a car space on the title, but buyers will always put this feature towards the top of any property checklist.

Inner city properties may not offer a car space, but that is the norm in those type of locations. However when moving out into the middle ring suburbs where titled car spaces are the norm, selling a property without one can be challenging.

Purchasing a property without a car space not only means you will be parking on the street, but you will face a real hurdle in standing out among the competition when it comes time to sell (or rent it out as an investment).

The Mod-Cons

There was a time when air-conditioning and heating were considered luxuries. These days, developers wouldn’t dream of building an apartment or new home without some sort of climate control.

Homebuyers expect older houses to have these features too, and if you are thinking of selling your home equipped with an older style air-conditioner, one that makes a heck of noise and does very little cooling, it is time to upgrade.

If your house has solar panels, then you’re ahead of the pack too. Solar panels not only mean that the capital expense already been out-laid, but it means bills will be much lower, which makes the property even more attractive.

In short, modern conveniences make a difference to buyers.



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