7 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Selling your House

If you want to see your house quickly and for the right price, there a things you absolutely shouldn’t do. We spoke to our Agents in the field to find out what the most common selling mistakes are, so you can avoid making them in when it comes time to sell.

1. Smells Matter

Buying a property is a complete sensory experience, and therefore it’s important to not only know what your property looks like, but also what it smells like. As an example, people who love dogs can’t necessarily smell them – yet if you aren’t a fan of our canine friends, the smell can be off-putting.

Open the windows and light a few candles prior to your inspection – but don’t go too far with the candles, as you don’t want your house smelling like the perfume section of a department store.

2. Clean your Bathrooms

A clean bathroom reflects on the current owners, and will have a positive effect on the buyer. If your bathroom is dirty or has mould buildup, it can reflect poorly on the property and translate to a buyer that the house is not well maintained. This can be the difference between getting the price you want, or coming in under your reserve price. Remember, on inspection day every detail matters.

3. Remove your Personal Photo Shrines

While your personal photo shrines can turn a house into a home, it’s exactly the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve during an inspection. It’s important to put forward a ‘blank canvas’ look to potential buyers, to allow them the chance to imagine making the property theirs. To maximise the sale process, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for buyers to picture their family in the home.

4. Neighbours with Dogs

While you might love your neighbours dog, big crowds can spook even the most benign canine. If you’re on good terms with your neighbours, ask them to keep their dogs inside during inspection times. This isn’t to trick potential buyers, rather it will help them get a feel for the property itself without any external factors coming into play.

5. Don’t Attend Inspections

Sellers wanting to be present for inspections is an absolute no-no. Buyers should be left to wander through the property with the agent in the most relaxed environment possible. If the owners are present, it can cause the seller to feel awkward or like they are intruding on a personal space. This can negatively impact on the experience of inspecting a property, and therefore any offers you may receive.

6. Declutter Inside and Out

Take your time to look at how your home is presented to the outside world, remembering that the you are trying to put forward a blank canvas to potential buyers. If your home is piled full of ‘things’, then think about ways to minimise their exposure to buyers. This goes for both inside and outside your home, as a messy and overgrown garden speaks volumes about your home.

7. Fix Anything thats Broken

It should go without saying, but making sure all of your home is in working order should be a priority before putting your home on the market. Fix broken lights, replace blown light bulbs, tidy up the garden, mow the grass and make sure all your house is in working order. The buyers will appreciate it!

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