CoreLogic: A great source of Real Estate data

Finding up-to-date and relevant information on your potential investment property should be one of the most important stages in your decision making process.

CoreLogic is the largest provider of property information and analytics in Australia and New Zealand, which makes it the perfect place to double down on finding information on an investment opportunity. The site produces a regular stream of in-house real estate reports and data which can be access without charge, as well as a paid ‘RP Data Professional’ which is focussed more on business and professional investors.

Here are three free reports from CoreLogic which give you a great insight into how the property market performed over the course of the 2016 year:

National Summary: This report provides a deep analysis of the Australian property market, together with a national ‘Best Of’ list of the top 10 performing suburbs for each metric. You can also download the Brisbane / Queensland Top 10 list. (Shows House and Unit data)

September Quarterly Market Update: Both urban and regional analysis of price growth across Australia, with specific focus on non urban centres.

December Quarterly Housing Review: National housing market analysis across major capital cities, focussing on trends and identification of key economic factors driving the condition of the market.


Core Logic also provides a stream of news articles relating to buying, selling, investing and renting properties. This deeper analysis of the market, and the contributing factors to its current state can provide insights into how the market may act in the short and long term future. It’s also a great source of information on regulatory changes at each level of government, which could have an effect on your investment property.

There’s a reason more than 30,00 people use CoreLogic and its services each day, and why Agents rely on the data produced. By Adding a macro, whole of industry layer of information to your decision making process when it comes to property investments, CoreLogic can give you a better idea of a value proposition of a potential investment.

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