1.       What do I do when I vacate the property?

When vacating the premises it is important that you leave the property in the same condition as at the commencement of your lease. It is a good idea to refer back to your ‘entry condition report’ and photo’s and the cleaning guide provided by Metrocity Realty. Items that are often forgotten to be carried out during the busy time of moving are;

Ensuring professional steam cleaning of carpets

Cleaning of ovens, grillers, hotplates and exhausts

Cleaning of ceiling fans, light fittings and air conditioning vents  Cleaning of windows, window tracks and flyscreens

Removal of cobwebs, inside and out  Mowing and edging of lawns

Weeding of gardens  Removal of rubbish

Once you have vacated the property and returned your keys your final or ‘exit condition report’ will be conducted upon which time your property manager will compare the condition and cleanliness of items to your original inspection report and photo’s. Any items that have been missed will be discussed with you and at that time we will determine the course of action for completing to the appropriate standard. Once all items have been restored to the original condition (allowing for fair wear and tear) and all outstanding monies have been paid (or deducted from the bond), the bond refund will be lodged.

Remember upon vacating to finalise your electricity, gas and telephone accounts and to organise mail redirection.