Have you heard of Rent.com.au’s Renter Resume?

In 2016 Rent.com.au launched it’s Renter Resume feature, allowing users to create a personalised Renter Resume and make applying for properties easier and more efficient. Since then more than 250,000 tenants have created a Renter Resume, which makes the platform one of Australia’s most comprehensive renter profile applications.

As of February 2017, more than 250,000 Rent.com.au user have created their personalised Renter Resume. During the process, users are asked to complete a number of fields which are standard tenancy application questions. This information is in-turn displayed to prospective landlords or property managers when rental property applications are lodged online through the website.

Included Information

  • A brief bio (About me)
  • Your past tenancy history
  • Your employment history
  • When you’re available to move
  • An optional Pet Resume
  • Optional: Verification information, including an identity check

Once a user fills out a Renter Resume, they can control, edit and review their current profile, but more importantly, automatically generate property enquiries and applications with the click of a button. The ability to continually update details, without having to create or fill in new documents is one of the reasons the platform has experience a rapid growth.

Rent.com.au chief executive officer Greg Bader says tenants are using the platform at an increasing rate.

This is an amazing result, over a quarter of a million people have used Renter Resume since we launched the feature less than 16 months ago. Even better is that 2018 is setting new records with a 20% lift in daily resumes over our long-term average of 500 per day”

“But the most pleasing outcome is that we know it is helping people get into their dream property. It frustrates us that in some circles renting still has negative connotations and we need to move past this. 30% of our community are renting, and while affordability is an obvious key driver, we see strong growth in the logical/practical renting segments.”


Looking into the future

The Renter Resume is another example of technology creating more efficient workflows within the Real Estate Industry. By engaging with this technology on such a large scale and in such a short time, tenants have voted with their feet to show Agencies what the future may hold. This is an important lesson for Real Estate professionals who are looking for a competitive advantage.


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