Systematized Property Management That Leaves Nothing to Chance

We achieve a 1.4% vacancy rate and next to no arrears across our 550+ property management portfolio by combining systems, deep knowledge property managers and the latest in AI automation technology.

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About Us

Why manage with us?

Let’s talk numbers – because everything else is just window dressing.

1.4%. That’s the average vacancy rate for properties managed under MetroCity. This is compared to the 3.3%-5% average vacancy rate in QLD (reported by REIQ’s vacancy data for the December 2020 quarter).

0.9%. That’s the average rental arrears for properties  managed by Metrocity.

10 years. That’s the years of continuous experience that our “deep knowledge” property manager Crichelle Hills has working with MetroCity in the South Brisbane area. If you want someone to “practice” management on your property Crichelle is not that person – there are 101+ unexpected issues that can arise in property management – Crichelle has seen them all multiple times – and knows how to handle each one to optimise your rental return on investment and avoid un-necessary management expenses.

550+. That’s the amount of properties MetroCity has under management. We are larger than the upstart property management business and can provide the experience that 30 years in the game gives – however smaller than national firms so you can pick up the phone and speak to a property manager without being transferred to an anonymous customer service person not in the country.

Finally – our 350+ positive Google reviews – because while we love talking numbers the ones we are most proud of are the verified 5 star reviews of not only our property owner clients – but also our happy tenants. Because every good landlord knows that a happy tenant equals a stress free, optimised and predictable rental revenue stream – and this is the science that MetroCity engages in on your

Maximising your Rental Yields Starts with a Vision

Collecting rent is a science - optimising it is an art.

The 10+ Years in Rental Return on Investment Optimisation Gives Your Rental Investment Properties the Edge in Rental Returns. Whether it’s the small things like the small nudge in rental negotiations, dry cleaning the carpets to the large and long term vision like property extension and kitchen remodelling project management – Crichelle is always looking for opportunities to position your property as a renter’s oasis – and ensure it is priced as such!

If your property has not been refreshed in the last 7-10 years chances are it has peaked or is under-optimised in its rental returns. Sometimes very minimal changes are required to optimise the rental return on investment – which we call “high leverage items” – such as replacing the carpets, refreshing the curtains, updating applicances and other minor repairs.

At other times you may need to do more in-depth repair to optimise rental yield – such as an extensive paint job, retiling the bathrooms and kitchens.

Most owners and even property managers miss these minor and larger details – having Crichelle on your side will mean that not only will you receive a ‘Property Investment Return on Investment Accelerator’ report detailing the exact steps needed to ensure maximum rental optimisation for your investment property/properties – but as a valued MetroCity investment client you will receive this report for no additional cost – leaving you time to focus on acquiring additional investment properties or simply spending time with your family – let Crichelle be your personal trusted Rental Investment Advisor.f

Landlord Reviews

What some of our Rental Property Owners are saying about MetroCity’s Property Management Service

Marie Kinsella Avatar
Marie Kinsella
5/08/2021 - Google
Crichelle from Metro City is managing our apartment for us. She has made the initially daunting process of engaging an agent and finding a tenant so stress free. She is professional and responsive. We really couldn’t have hoped for a better service. I would confidently recommend to anyone.
Jeremy Lifton Avatar
Jeremy Lifton
4/22/2021 - Google
Metro city look after a 3 bedroom house and 2 bed 2 bath apartment of mine , both in West End location.I have a number of other properties and have dealt with many agencies in my time. I know when I come accross an agency that performs.This agency not only perform on a professional level with their management , and low vacancy levels, but also, allow you to enjoy the property journey. I attribute this to their approachability and sincerity in working with both the tenant and the owner, - for the best of everyone.Ben who runs the agency and their incredible team of Crichelle and Meg, I wouldnt hesitate to recommend. Be in good hands, goto them.
Christine Beverley Avatar
Christine Beverley
2/22/2021 - Google
We are very happy with the service from Metrocity in the management of our recently purchased unit . The communication has been very prompt and detailed as we move through the stages of property inspection prior to settlement, maintenance details and securing a new tenant.
Carole Avatar
2/22/2021 - Google
Great service from metrocity. Looking to find a new property manager for an investment unit and Alanna and Crichelle have been awesome at answering all my questions.Thanks
Susana Liou Avatar
Susana Liou
5/22/2019 - Google
I have used Metrocity Realty for property management services for the last 20 years and have always found them responsive, reliable and helpful. Would highly recommend them.
Leonardo Nguyen Leonardo Avatar
Leonardo Nguyen Leonardo
5/22/2019 - Google
Metrocity realty statement is very easy to read and understand. They look after our property for two year now. Thank you Mettocity for your help.
Unique Systems Based Approach

The Secret to a 1.4% Vacancy Rate and Virtually No Arrears and Maximum Rental Return on Investment is "Systems"

Your property’s return on investment is always compromised by the unexpected. The first few moments of a tenancy complaint call can mean the difference between a possible repair bill or the tenant withdrawing that complaint.

Whether you have a repair bill at the end of the month comes down to how your property manager handles that complaint – and at MetroCity we have established a systematised process over the last 30 years for dealing with EVERY issue that could potentially come up – and we mean EVERY issue.

Learning from mistakes and building up our knowledge around these potential issues is what gives MetroCity its edge in the Property Management game and has contributed to our 350+ positive Google reviews.

Artificial Intelligence for Rental Yield Optimisation

We Optimise Your Rental Property’s Rental Yield Using Human and AI Systems

Property management doesn’t stop at 5pm. In fact after 5 is when most issues raise themselves – as tenants come home from work the unexpected happens. Resolving issues quickly and efficiently ensures that they do not snowball into larger problems.

Local Personal Tenant Management Fully Automated AI Aftter Hours Support

Our AI systems are integrated into our property management processes – and are designed to work seamlessly with our human property management support staff.

The finely tuned AI software logs all issues for review by our human staff and has been responsible for cutting down the time spent on minor and repetitive issue complaints by more than half – leaving our human staff to the higher level property management operations such as routine human inspections, negotiations and personal interviews.

Also – by delegating the lower level complaint issues to AI software MetroCity aims to focus on researching the unique aspects of your rental property to show how your rental yield can be optimised and working with you to ensure maximum return on investment of your property.

“Deep Knowledge” Vibe Check

Because It’s Not About Hiring the Right Tenant, It’s about Avoiding the Wrong One

Our tenant review process is stringent – this is why we review every applicant face to face – sometimes doing as much as 32 in-person tenant interviews per property. 

The best property manager will never be able to make a bad tenant happy – or a low quality tenant pay on time. MetroCity achieves its 1.4% vacancy rate and next to no arrears promise through quality tenant selection. 

You wouldn’t let just anyone into your home – so why would you let just anyone into your rental properties? At MetroCity we don’t just check

  • Rental History
  • Employment History

We also screen every qualified applicant personally by our “Deep Knowledge” property manager Crichelle who knows what unexpected red flags to look out for and avoid on your behalf because it’s not just your rental yield that is on the line – it’s MetroCity’s reputation.

There is a reason why we have 350+ 5 Star Google Reviews – with many of those coming from our tenants – in fact below you can see some of our positive tenant reviews because we believe that a happy tenant leads to the maximum rental yield.

Tenant Reviews

Happy Tenants = Low Vacany Rates = No Rental Arrears = Maximised Rental Yields

Ready to optimise your rental yields? Book an appointment at a time and place that works for you. We’re flexible.​

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The only difference between one property agency and another is the time it takes to rent out a property and the ability to reduce and control maintenance costs that eat into rental profits. With our low 1.4% vacancy rate - as well as our systematised approach to property management with “Deep Knowledge” property managers and an advanced AI handling system you are assured of happy tenants and the highest optimised property rental yields from your investment portfolio.
Greg Jackson
Metrocity founder

Ready to optimise your rental yields? Book an appointment at a time and place that works for you. We’re flexible.

Still have questions and just want a quick chat? Click here to request a callback.