We don't sell property - we position it.

Investors see a number – Heart Buyers see their family’s future. At Metrocity we specialise in targeting the latter and getting the highest price for your property by using our 3 Step ‘Heart Buyer Magnet’ process built and refined by our company’s founder Greg Jackson.

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About Us

Why sell with us ?

Metrocity positions dream homes – it does not sell  a simple ‘product’ or ‘commoditised homes’ – and its unique Heart Buyer Magnet marketing strategy is designed to attract your ideal buyer in as little as 96 hours using our established buyer networks developed over 30+ years of being the cornerstone of Brisbane West End Real Estate. 

Our experience also helps smooth out the 100+ possible wrinkles that can stop an offer subject to finance in its tracks and have your property sitting on the market for countless months. 

Our unique approach has not only led to 350+ 5 Star Google and 160+ RateMyAgent reviews – but it also landed us this badge from Australia’s largest independent real estate agent review website RateMyAgent for Agent of the Year for 2021 in our area.

Don’t Sell with an Agent - Sell With a Team

You don’t need a team until you do. From underwhelming building inspection reports to unreasonable buyer solicitors and the mysterious case of seller bank loan declines and delays – when the unexpected ‘wrinkles of the sale’ come up – it helps to have “Deep Knowledge” agents like Ben Jackson on your side.

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Metrocity’s Heart Buyer Magnet Sales Process vs. Traditional Real Estate Auctions*

Why would you want to wait 6 weeks for an auction result when Metrocity can find you a buyer tomorrow? Here are some advantages of Metrocity’s Heart Buyer Magnet Strategy vs. Traditional Auction

Metrocity's Heart Magnet Process

  • Advertise and begin receiving offers immediately (within 48 hours)
  • High buyer pool and higher offers (including dependent on finance buyers)
  • Designed to attract heart buyers and position your property as exclusive to 'New' buyers
  • Clear price expectations set by Metrocity agent with “deep knowledge”

Standard Auction Process​

  • Target "Cash Only" Experienced Buyers
  • Wait weeks to get any offers
  • Designed to "move Product" and sell your home for any price on the day
  • Expectations of price systematically reduced by auction agent leading up to sale ("smoke and mirrors selling")
  • Focusing on Beating Reserve not Necessarily Best Price

* Auctions may be preferable in a small number of unique properties – please bring this up with your appraisal agent. 

Optimised for the Heart Buyer

Metrocity’s unique ‘Heart Buyer Magnet’ Process Is Designed to Maximise your Upside with the ‘Heart Buyer’

Step 1: Launch “Heart Buyer Magnet Campaign”

Your ‘Heart Buyer’ is willing to pay the highest premium above the appraisal price – do you want to give up that upside by advertising with a standard price range? The Heart Buyer Magnet will show your property to your potential ‘Heart Buyers’ without revealing the price – putting you in the driver’s seat in negotiations. The sky is the limit!

Has the property sold for the highest above suburb average price in the first two weeks?

Step 2: Launch Offer-Over Campaign

If we are unable to find a buyer then we would launch the ‘Offer-over’ campaign to begin receiving offers and maintain negotiating position. At this stage you will begin receiving firm and real offers and will know where you stand in the market. We will never bring you low offers – these mean nothing – but rather real offers with normal conditions and timeframes.

Has the property sold above the market rate within 4 weeks? If not move to the next stage.

Step 3:Launch “Price Range” Campaign

The next stage of the Metrocity sales process is the traditional price range campaign – and this is only launched if no serious offers come in from the “offers-over” campaign. This will attract new offers from buyers who now know what price range they can expect to start their negotiations. This is where a traditional real estate agent would start however for many of our clients we have at this stage – at the very least – formal offers that we can use as leverage as we move into a traditional sales campaign.

Every Heart Buyer Home Sale begins with the first step. Book an appointment at a time and place that works for you. We’re flexible.

Still have questions and just want a quick chat? Click here to request a callback.


Metrocity Customers who found their Heart Buyer

Elena Rowland Avatar
Elena Rowland
Sold for $50,000 more than previous agent's offers
5/23/2021 - Google

Best Agent in West EndWe used Ben & his team to sell our property in West End. His approach was professional and positive after a very bad experience with Ray White. He secured a smooth sale and an excellent price for our home. We also used him to purchase our first home in West End.If you want a agent who is honest and open without any hidden agendas, can successfully negotiate the most fragile of purchases and still get your sale across the line, then Ben is the man for you. We couldn't have been happier or more impressed with the service we received from Ben when selling our home.‌​‌​‌‌​​‍‌‌‌​‍‌‌‌‌‍‌​‌​‍‌‌‌​‍​‌‌‌‍‌‌‌‌‍‌‌‌​Thankyou

Don Campbell Avatar
Don Campbell
Sold with 15 offers to choose from!
5/18/2021 - Google

Ben performed a fantastic role throughout the sale process, from clearly defining expectations about the market, establishing an effective marketing campaign, presenting the property to market and finally closing the out the sale.His team and the third-party support through staging and conveyance wrapped the entire process into a positive outcome!

Richard Dearden Avatar
Richard Dearden
Sold through Clever & Timely Negotiation
5/22/2020 - Google

We had confidence in Ben's knowledge and ability to market and negotiate a sale for our unusual, desirable house in inner city south Brisbane. Ben was enthusiastic on first seeing the property and demonstrated an immediate understanding of its value being not just its intrinsic qualities and location, but its beauty and its atmosphere. He quickly identified the buyer market and this was proven in the people who actually bought the house. He was great to talk to and discuss strategies - he brought his own insights and experience and also took on our ideas. The description and photos of the house on the website were appealing, accurate and drew attention to the best features of the house, garden and location. Ben has a nice personal touch and is a very good communicator - he understands and is genuinely interested in people. Ben negotiated a good sale price for us, which I feel is the most difficult part of the real estate business. We had a shared vision of what we wanted to achieve and had a good time working together to put on a good show, and sharing the suspense, tensions, success and pleasure that the right people bought our beautiful house.

Dirk Vermooten Avatar
Dirk Vermooten
Sold to the Heart Buyer Day 1
5/22/2020 - Google

Ben was absolutely fantastic, he ensured a quick sale and kept up to date all through the process!Ben was able to source a buyer for our property from his extensive list of prospective purchasers. That saved us a lot in marketing and he secured a price that was in line with our expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending Ben if you are looking to sell your property - in fact, you can stop looking for an agent. Ben is the guy your want!

5/22/2020 - Google

Our sales agent Ben Jackson went above & beyond to sell our property with his 'don't leave any stone unturned' approach. He's an extremely passionate, open, understanding, personable and responsive agent - not easy to come by these days!

Josephine Echberg Avatar
Josephine Echberg
5/22/2016 - Google

If anyone were to ask me who I should deal with when buying or selling homes, I always suggest Emmalyne Hill from Metrocity. She is an outstanding agent - caring, great negotiator, excellent market knowledge and a fantastic communicator. Wouldn't choose anyone else when it comes to selling my home!

"Picking a Real Estate Agent is like Picking a Clinician - You Can Either Pick the Best or You Can Take Your Chances - Avoiding the Unexpected Wrinkles between the Formal Offer Acceptance and Final Settlement is where the DEEP KNOWLEDGE agent shines."
Greg Jackson
Metrocity founder
Deep Knowledge Agency

How Metrocity Avoids "Death of Sale By Paperwork"

Brian was happy. He had a buyer for his property and it looked like he was at the finish line – no more property inspections at all times of the day and fielding offers – everything was smooth sailing from here… right? Well not exactly because along came…

The Building Inspector

The buyer arranged a building inspector to inspect the property for structural integrity. Brian’s real estate agent didn’t do his due diligence in ensuring the process went smoothly – the inspector couldn’t access the garage and some other minor items. Suddenly the property doesn’t have a clean bill of health. Brian is worried – what does this mean? Does this mean the bank won’t proceed with finance? 

The Buyer's Solicitor

The buyer’s solicitor perused the contract of sale – added some ridiculous clauses that nobody wanted – now we’re back at square 1 – the path to settlement is now on a rocky path. No one spoke to the buyer’s solicitor beforehand to iron out these wrinkles. Now Brian is stressed – what is happening – and is this property even going to be sold?

The Bank Manager

Brian thought the buyer had approval on his financing and everything was peachy – and so did the buyer – who was told the home loan was approved… by the bank clerk. Suddenly one day out from the sale deadline the loan was knocked back by the bank because the buyer’s deposit was too low. Brian’s real estate agent could have prevented this loss of 14 days or even longer in the sales cycle by checking a pre-approval was in place and the buyer had a sufficient deposit. Now Brian is back to square one – with an added dose of uncertainty – with his property still sitting unsold on the market.

Wrinkle-free closing

Why sell with us?

Rated as the best agent for South Brisbane by RateMyAgent this year Ben Jackson is a “deep knowledge” agent who will be on your side to ensure maximum upside sell of your property.

There is a difference between an agent with 2-3 years experience and someone who has worked in the Brisbane district exclusively since 2001 – selling an average of 60 properties year after year.

Not only does Ben and his team get results – but he smoothes out all the 100+ potential wrinkles that can stop a “sure thing” signed offer dead in its tracks.

Exquisite suburb knowledge + consistent results + extended Brisbane knowledge + contractual wrinkle-free settlements = winning combination for your next property sale!

Every Heart Buyer Home Sale begins with the first step. Book an appointment at a time and place that works for you. We’re flexible.

Still have questions and just want a quick chat? Click here to request a callback.

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